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Dr Gina, DC
Holistic Chiropractor, Podcaster
Founder of The School of Higher Consciousness

For as long as I can remember, I have experienced the ins-and-outs of healing and personal transformation—sometimes by choice, mostly not — but always for the best.  Meditation, yoga, reiki, breathwork, therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, emotional and intuitive healing are all part of my story.  Healing and self transformation are not only a passion of mine, they have become part of my identity.

I began my career teaching kindergarten, but after a few years, I felt something calling me. I listened and found my way to chiropractic and began studying the wisdom of the body. I finished my doctorate in 2014 and a year later earned my acupuncture certification. In 2015 I purchased a chiropractic clinic in Minneapolis where I spent the next five years integrating my skills and growing into who I am as a holistic chiropractor and business owner.

It was in 2012 when my life completely transformed. In the midst of finishing my chiropractic degree, I became a mother to a beautiful and spirited little girl. Running a clinic as a single-mom and maintaining self care started to take a toll on me. The universe answers in the most amazing ways. I met my amazing husband, we blended families, got married, endured a pandemic and had a beautiful baby boy together.  Throughout these life changes, I was fortunate to transition to continue working and treating patients from my home.  This past summer (2023) we decided to build an addition to our home, so I could officially treat patients in a more professional and healing atmosphere. It's incredible. I'm able to treat people holistically, offer longer visits, and not feel controlled by insurance companies. (I do take HSA :)


Throughout all of this, I somehow found time to respond to another desire I felt deep inside. Connecting with others and exploring meaningful topics has always energized me. It really lights me up! I decided that the typical mommy group or religious organization just wouldn't cut it.  I wanted to talk about the deeper stuff. The uncomfortable stuff. The topics people want to talk about but don't know where to start.  Voila! The The School of Higher Consciousness was born. I began producing episodes for "The School of Higher Consciousness" podcast in 2022 and have truly enjoyed the process. I took a break during home renovations, and I look forward to future recordings!


Anyone interested in vulnerability, healing, authenticity, and growth is welcome here.

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