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Dr Gina, DC
Holistic Chiropractor, Podcaster
Founder of The School of Higher Consciousness

For as long as I can remember, I have experienced the ins-and-outs of healing and personal transformation—sometimes by choice, mostly not — but always for the best.  Meditation, yoga, reiki, breathwork, therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, emotional and intuitive healing are all part of my story.  Through my personal experiences, I am passionate about healing and self transformation.

I began my career teaching kindergarten, but after a few years, I realized the system and I were not going to match longterm. I acknowledged my passion for healing and found my way to chiropractic, specifically to understand the healing wisdom of the body. I finished my doctorate in 2014, and one year later I earned additional acupuncture certification. In 2015 I purchased a chiropractic clinic in Minneapolis, MN where I integrated my skills as a chiropractor, treating thousands of patients through the years.

However, it was 2012 when my life completely transformed. In the midst of finishing my chiropractic degree, I became a mother to a beautiful and spirited little girl. Running a clinic as a single-mom and maintaining some form of self care started to take a toll on me over the years. I needed to recharge. I met my husband; we blended families, and I was fortunate to be able to transition to treating patients from my home and offer thorough healing sessions. 


Throughout all of this, I had a burning desire to connect with others and explore meaningful topics - stuff people wanted to talk about but didn't know how to start. I needed more than the typical mommy group could offer, and I was not interested in joining an organized religious group. Voila! The The School of Higher Consciousness was born. Anyone seeking vulnerability, authenticity, and growth is welcome here. Curious minds unite.

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