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List of Services

1st Visit 

We get to know each other during our first appointment together. I listen to how you experience your body, and then we assess your body's present day function. After identifying the areas that need attention I use the remainder of the appointment working on any dysfunction or tension in your body. 


I use muscle testing, traditional orthopedic tests and intuitive techniques to help me tune into the body. I like to keep the dialogue between us open and ease any concerns you may have. There is no one size fits all approach; your body guides my treatment.

Image by Joyce Hankins

Chiropractic & Body Work

15, 30, or 60 min appointments

If you prefer a quick tune up, choose the 15 minute appointment.  If you prefer additional muscle work, stretching, cupping, or acupuncture needles, you will benefit most by choosing the 30 or 60 minute appointment types.

Treatment is always based on what the body needs and may include muscle testing, muscle work, myofascial release, stretching, cupping, EMS, and/or acupuncture / dry needling.


45 Min Acupuncture + 15 Min Adjustment

The acupuncture needles are the primary focus in this appointment. Most of the appointment will take place relaxing on a heated table while the acupuncture needles do the therapy. You will also receive a chiropractic adjustment before or after your acupuncture session.

If you are looking for an acupuncture appointment or know you respond well to acupuncture, choose this appointment type.

Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is a side effect from all treatments, but if you would like to book an energy ONLY appointment, please email me.

Energy Healing

Group Meditations

I periodically offer group guided meditations and look forward to hosting more in the future. It has been shown that meditating together amplifies the vibration and energy in the shared space.

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