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Cheers to the next decade! Happy 2020!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I love new beginnings. The excitement before the first day of school and returning to friends after any school break was always something I looked forward to. I relish the feeling of new possibilities, a blank white canvas in front of me. Each month starts a new beginning, every birthday, each new moon cycle- the annual holidays too (although I am less attached to holidays for some reason). Embarking on new journeys is an opportunity to grow and transform into a more purposeful self.

The start of a new year marks a much grander reset for people. The energy of a new cycle is so abundant you can almost taste it. There are posts all over social media of people reflecting on their previous year. Their posts bridge me to them in a deeper way, even if I don't see these people in real life often or ever at all. It is through their written reflections that I can feel them. I get a sample of what their life is like and I feel more connected to them. It is almost as if we had a small coffee date, and I leave feeling that extra pep in my step and thankful for their friendship. I enjoy their cute posts throughout the year showcasing children's latest antics and vacation posts that take me away to warm or adventurous places, but there is something extra special about the reflection period that comes at the turn of every new year that has me feeling more connected as I read and reflect on peoples journeys.

When one door closes another opens. New cycles give us the opportunity to dream and step onto a new path where we have not traveled before. Isn't that part of the American Dream? We get the opportunity to do, be, have, say, and want so much more than our ancestors or the millions of people around the world whose freedom continues to be restricted. Do you take advantage of the doors that open for you? Or do you let fear, contentment, and comfort keep you safe? Sometimes safety and comfort are the dreams you seek. Awesome, then bask in your dreams coming true. However, if fear holds you back from trying, and I mean trying, not winning or succeeding right away, then I encourage you to channel your inner Rosa Parks and find the strength to do it amidst the initial discomfort that fear brings. Do it anyway.

I must put this talk into practice and reflect and write some directions for my next phase to come. Some of the notable happenings of the past decade:

  • 2010- Began a 4 year journey at chiropractic school.

  • 2011- Met new friends, learned a massive amount of new information and some hard life lessons too. Ran a marathon on accident... got on the wrong bus.

  • 2012- Gave birth to my lovely Aria.

  • 2013- Juggled learning how to be a mother with full-time grad-school and no money.

  • 2014- Graduated with my doctorate of chiropractic degree. Moved into a new home with my daughter and began working as a chiropractor.

  • 2015- Bought a chiropractic practice with a business partner. Learned how to run a business, hire/train employees, and how to be an effective chiropractor.

  • 2016- Dove into love and came out with some scratches and a fortunate amount of self awareness.

  • 2017- Met my love, Danny. Expanded the business and began teaching classes.

  • 2018- Moved into a new home, blending my family with Danny and his two daughters.

  • 2019- Began The School of Higher Consciousness. Sold my business to my business partner. Became pregnant with baby boy.

My last decade tells leaves me a bit exhausted when I read it. In a good way. I feel so grateful to have pioneered my story. I felt an inkling of inspiration each step along the way but there wasn't always clarity until I started traveling down each choice. I had to take risks, take on debt, invest time and a lot of hard work. I always felt some amount of fear in the steps I took, but today I look back without regret. The only regret I would have had would be NOT moving through the fear.

Not everyone needs to 'pioneer' their own individual path, but for those of you out there that know deep in your bones you want more but let fear or yourself stand in your own way, remember how fortunate we are to have the opportunity and freedom to live in 2020, in a land where we truly are free to do as we design. Please do not let yourself or others opinions of you hold you back. Before I went to chiropractic school my dad did not understand why I would leave my secure job teaching kindergarten and take on 150-200k worth of debt. I was about to be tenured and the safety of a traditional career path brought peace to his baby boomer heart. I understood where he was coming from, but if I would have given his opinion more weight than my own, I would have let my dad's comments stop me from truly living. I never would have awakened parts of me that paving my own path allowed. My dad watched steadily in the background. I did it for me, not my dad, but overtime I felt more respected by him in spirit, which is a nice silver lining through it all.

As for 2020, I look forward to building a new foundation. My focus will be on building a foundation for my daughter, our new baby, Danny's two daughters, and my life with Danny. I have never had the urge to "settle down" in the traditional sense but 2020 feels like the year I focus on home. It feels right, and I finally feel ready. For those people who choose a "word" for the new year, I chose four: foundation, home, family, and envision. Tests from the universe eventually check that foundations are strong. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. A solid foundation allows new ideas, hobbies and career sparks to flourish.

Time to set sail to the new year. I encourage everyone to reflect on where you have been and where you would like to go. As we all know, January 1 does not need to be the only day we start anew. Any moment can be yours. I wish everyone a fruitful and fulfilling new year. Cheers to 2020!


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Congrats, Gina! Wishing you health and happiness in 2020.

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